Finding whats right for you! Free control of surgery reports in Medilife HG


Finding whats right for you!

Getting your medical diagnosis sometimes can be stressfull and its even more disturbing when the correct diagnosis doesn’t confirmed yet. Furthermore, you may want to confirm the appropirate proposed treatment plan that is best for you. It is also essential the approval of surgery with the right doctor at the right place and with affordable price.

In that kind of cases The Medical Second Oppinion is considered as the best guidline. With the help of our specialist doctors you can ensure your diagnosis and make a final decision on your appropirate cure, you will get a chance to compare the prices that our hospital will offer you with the prices that you received from other hospitals. In addition the process of Medical Second Oppinion is free of charge at our Medilife Health Group.

So, how the process is work?

  1. You can send us your medical (Pathology, Biopsy, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Blood and urine tests etc.) reports to our e-mail address.
  2. After receving   your medical reports we are consulting them with a relevent specialist doctor.
  3. Contacting you by e-mail or phone, we are giving you the information related to your medical reports and offer you the price for medical procedure that you should receive.

Please, feel free to contact us.

For more information,
Tel: +902128668080
Whatsap: +905071304405

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